LTE-M Development Kit (LL-LTE-M-VZN-DEV)

  • $ 249.00

***Available for use in the United States only***

The LL-LTE-M-VZN-SE is the follow-on to the world’s first end-device-certified LTE CAT-M1 modem. In addition to its compact form-factor, it is optimized for low-power applications, and the nationwide coverage, scalability, and security of Verizon’s LTE cellular network. The LL-LTE-M-VZN-SE leverages Link Labs’ extensive experience designing low-power IoT devices, has a data efficient API for IoT data plans, and is ideal for battery-powered applications and 2G/3G device replacements.

Using the LTE-M Development Kit, customers can pilot LTE-M-based solutions in under a day, instead of the months traditionally needed to build new connected devices. With an open source software library, example software projects for several different development platforms, developers and OEMs can quickly add LTE-M communications capabilities to their new and existing applications.

This kit includes:

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